Senior Care: Essential Winter Care Tips Your Parents Need to Embrace

Senior Care in Barrington IL: Winter care Tips

Senior Care: Winter brings new challenges for older adults.

The skin dries out and needs careful attention to prevent cracking. Older homes may experience frozen pipes and problems with heating systems. It can be harder to get out during a storm, so food supplies can run low. Keeping an eye on safety is just as important as being happy and healthy. Here are some winter care tips your parents and their senior care providers must embrace this winter.

Stock Water Bottles and Non-Perishable Foods

In case of a power outage, your parents want to have some water bottles on hand. This is especially important if they’re on a well that requires electricity to pump water into the home. Jugs of water are essential for filling toilet tanks for flushing.

They also want to have foods that they can eat without heating up. Applesauce, canned vegetables, low-sodium soups, and canned tuna or chicken are essential. A loaf of bread provides an easy way to make sandwiches with some of the canned meats. Shelf-stable nut milk products and cereals are also helpful.

Know How to Check Heating Fuel Levels

Even if your parents are on automatic deliveries for propane, kerosene, or heating oil, they need to know how to check their fuel levels. If they run out, their pipes could freeze as the temperature within the home plummets.

If they are not confident going outside and doing it, arrange to have someone check for them. You could have a grandchild stop by on the way home from high school or ask a neighbor.

Keep Sand or De-Icing Agents Near Outdoor Stairs

Going outside to get the mail can be hazardous if there is ice or snow on the stairs. Ensure there is a bucket of sand or an environmentally-friendly de-icing agent on the landing of a deck or front porch. Your parents shouldn’t attempt to use the stairs until the ice has melted or has some traction.

Prepare for Cold Days and Nights

If it gets cold, blankets help your parents stay warmer in a drafty house. While reading, your mom can wrap up in a blanket. If she gets too warm, the covering is easily removed until she needs it again.

Space heaters can warm up a smaller room and reduce the need to run the heating system more. If your mom and dad get cold easily, avoid turning up the thermostat. Instead, put on a space heater in a den and use that room for the day.

Make Sure Someone Checks In Regularly

Do you worry about your parents being alone for weeks between your visits? Senior care services give you peace of mind. Caregivers stop by to see if your parents have the things they need. If the home’s heating isn’t working effectively, senior care at home aides can schedule the repairs and alert you.

Talk to an agency that specializes in senior care at home. Learn more about prices and what other services help your parents stay safe all winter.


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