Home Care Services: Should Seniors Do Bath Therapy?

Home Care Services in Elgin IL: Bath Therapy

Home Care Services: Human beings have understood the medicinal properties of water for generations.

The Greeks and Romans spent time in steam and hot baths for their curative properties. Today, individuals, particularly elders, continue to be zealous for its medicinal advantages. Unfortunately, not all seniors can take baths on their own; if your senior needs this kind of help, you should consider hiring home care services. These caregivers can help out when it is needed to ensure a senior maintains a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Bath treatment is a sort of hydrotherapy in which the body is immersed in water. It is a kind of physical therapy that is highly suggested for elderly citizens to address various ailments and symptoms. Bathing and hydrotherapy are distinct from swimming in that they take place in warmer water and include particular activities. Hydrotherapy comes in various forms, including water circuit therapy, aquatic massage, steam baths, balneotherapy, and contrast hydrotherapy.

Bath therapy is primarily concerned with the therapeutic use of warm water. Due to the hydrostatic impact of water, submerging the body in warm water acts like a massage. It assists the neurological system in transporting heat and pressure throughout the body, promoting blood circulation, and inhibiting the release of stress hormones. When a senior needs help setting up a bath like this or other things that can help keep them healthy it is time to set up home care assistance. Keep reading here to find out why bath therapy is so beneficial.


A Good Way To Decrease Inflammation

Elevating the body temperature stimulates anti-inflammatory responses. Being submerged in water for a while may help with the chronic inflammation that a senior battles. This may not be something they can do every day, but it will help once or twice a month and feel really nice on the seniors’ joints.


Lowers Blood Pressure 

Indulging in a warm water tub helps vessels relax and become more flexible. The more flexible the veins, the lower the blood pressure and, thus, the better the circulation. Seniors who want to lower blood pressure and find ways to improve blood circulation should try taking baths once in a while. They may receive advantages from taking long dips in the bathtub.


Hydrates Seniors Skin

For a long time, the impact of water and spas on the skin has been established. Apart from warm water, several essential oils and salts have promoted skin health. Soaking in a tub for even ten minutes will help moisturize a senior’s skin. This is one of the secrets of keeping nice skin even as someone ages.

If a senior wants to try additional things in their baths there are multiple things to try. Things like bath oils will help keep their skin soft and supple. However, it can be important to use fragrance-free oils in case a senior has a reaction to any fragrance. Salt can also be used in the bath. Epsom salt helps with rough and dry skin as well.


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