How Companion Care at Home Can Help with Pets

Pet Care: Companion Care at Home North Aurora IL

Having a pet can be an emotional support system for many elderly people, especially those who are home alone a lot during the day. Having a pet to snuggle with on the couch, take for an outdoor walk, or even hold a conversation with can provide companionship that boosts your loved one’s spirits, improves her mental health, and simply provides joy in her day.

Sometimes, pet care can get to be a bit overwhelming for an elderly loved one, making her concerned that she’ll no longer be able to provide the care that the pet needs. That anxiety may make your loved one nervous about asking for help, but if you notice that her pet(s) are not getting the care they need to stay healthy, there are resources that you can use to help your loved one continue to keep her pet while providing the care it needs.

Companion Care at Home

One resource is to have a companion care at home provider help with pet needs as well as your loved one’s needs. A companion care at home provider will be able to help with some basic care needs in between family visits or regularly scheduled care.

Here are some areas a companion care at home provider can help with your loved one’s pet(s).

Monitor Feeding Areas

If your loved one has a dog or cat, there is usually a specific area where the pet receives its food. While your loved one might be able to get the food and water for the pet, a larger area may need cleaning and the pet bowls should have regular washings to keep them free from bacteria.

If lifting large bags of pet food is difficult for your loved one, your companion care at home provider can help with putting it into smaller containers that will be easier to lift and pour from.

Help With Grooming

Arthritis can make brushing out a dog or cat painful, especially if the pet isn’t the most cooperative. After providing companion care at home services for your loved one, her provider may also be able to help with brushing out the dog or cat as they sit on the porch together enjoying the nice weather. Grooming is an important part of keeping a pet healthy, especially one that has longer fur.

Assisting With Clean Up

While cleaning out a litter box, emptying a fish tank of old water, or picking up after a dog outside are not the most pleasant pet duties, they are all important to not only keep the pet healthy but to make sure your loved one is in a healthy living environment with the pet as well. Litter boxes and fish tanks can be heavy and difficult to maneuver and picking up after a dog can involve stooping, bending, and grasping, all of which might be difficult for your elderly loved one.

Finding someone to help with these chores can bring relief to your loved one. While it may take a village to raise a child, it usually only requires an extra pair of hands to help care for a beloved pet.

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