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Senior Balance: Elder Care Schaumburg IL

Even younger seniors will have to worry about balance and coordination at some point. If your senior loved one has never focused on balance and coordination or finding ways to improve them, they may be at risk for falling. Finding ways to practice balance will be crucial for seniors, especially if they want to age in place. The best thing they can do is have elder care to help around their home and hit the gym or local senior workout class. If they need help with how to practice balance and coordination, here are some tips that elder care can give them.

Practice Balancing Exercises

If your loved one is new at working out, it can seem impossible to know where to start. The doctor may be able to help give specific moves, but if your senior forgets to ask, encourage them to do something else. Many community or senior centers offer workout classes like yoga and tai chi, two exercises focused on balance, coordination, movement, and stretching.

This can be one of the best things for a senior trying to age in place. These exercises will not only improve balance and coordination, which can prevent falls, it can also help keep them mobile for much longer. Moving around is crucial no matter what age you are, and they should aim to do it daily. Just a few minutes of these exercises can improve a senior’s health in amazing ways.

Focus on Core

When a seniors core is weak, it can lead them to feel imbalanced. A strong core is essential for anyone who wants to maintain balance in their golden years, but it can seem like a challenge when finding the right moves to make. The most important thing is to not over-exercise this area because it can lead to massive muscle strain and may make a senior feel worse.

Pilates is a great workout for those who don’t know how to move their body or whose exercises focus on specific areas. If they need help getting to a Pilates class, find an elder care provider who can provide transportation for your loved one.

Build Leg Strength

When legs are weak, it can seem impossible for a senior to hold themselves up. Many seniors find walking and jogging to be too harsh on the body, and that’s okay. Encourage your loved one to walk in the swimming pool or use the elliptical to build leg strength. Hamstring stretches may also help your loved ones’ legs feel better, which can keep them more mobile. The last thing you want your seniors to do is stop moving around. If they are falling often, it can make any exercise hard, but it should also motivate them to focus on these areas.

Keep in mind that consistency is key to ensuring these exercises stick. No matter how old your loved one gets, they should be finding ways to stay balanced and coordinated. However, exercise only goes so far. You may need to add things into their home to help them remain mobile and prevent falls. See what is needed and then help your loved one create a plan of action.

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