Senior Home Care Tips for Creating an Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit: Home Care Hoffman Estates IL

Hopefully by now, all of the winter inclement weather is over. If your loved one is still driving or has a car that her home care provider uses to drive her from place to place, you can probably take out that emergency box of heavy blankets, coats, and bags of salt to melt the ice away.

But don’t toss that emergency tote into a corner yet. Your loved one and her home care provider could use another type of emergency tote in the back of her car just in case they get stuck somewhere while traveling this spring or summer. A car breakdown can happen any time of year so being prepared is always a necessity. Here are some spring/summer items to consider adding to that emergency car tote.

Weather Wear

You’ve swapped out that winter coat and scarf, so now it’s time to add in items your loved one might forget but need if there is an emergency or even if she just decides to do a last-minute visit somewhere.

Lighter hats with wide brims can help protect the head from both rain and too much fun. A pair of sandals that provide support but can get wet can be great to have in the tote as well, just in case she gets stuck somewhere in dress shoes but needs to walk for help.

Finally, throw in a sweater just in case a chillier night unfolds and she doesn’t have something to cover up with.


While you don’t need to worry about frostbite during the summer, your loved one will need to worry about sunburn. Keeping a bottle of it in the tote (inside a sealed ziplock bag to prevent leakage) will give her protection if she’s outside a lot. Remember, that sunscreen “expires” so if there’s a bottle in there that’s several years old, have her home care provider swap it out for a fresh bottle.

If your loved one is an outdoorsy person, having a bottle of insect repellant can be another great item to add to the tote. An umbrella should replace the shovel you had just in case she gets caught in an unexpected downpour.

Finally, keep a pair of sunglasses around to protect her eyes when she forgets them. If your loved one wears glasses, have your home care provider help you find a pair of wrap-around sunglasses that will go around the outside of her prescription glasses.

Water and Snacks

Having several bottles of drinking water could be a lifesaver – literally. Becoming dehydrated is common in seniors, especially during high temps and humidity. While the water will be warm, having something to replenish her lost fluids can help your loved one from succumbing to dehydration and its effects. Snacks are another good resource for her emergency tote.

Granola bars, nuts, and jerky can all last a long time and provide some sustenance if needed.

Don’t forget to include those year-round items as well such as a portable cell phone charger, first-aid kits, car repair kits, and emergency distress signals.

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