You’re Sick, but Your Aging Parent Needs Help…What Will You Do?

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You have chills, a fever, a stomach bug, or another illness. What are you going to do in regards to taking care of your aging parent? They still need someone to help with their transportation, personal care tasks, meal preparation, medication reminders, and household chores. They still need socialization and companionship while you are sick. However, you can’t go and see or take care of them. The good news is that senior care providers can fill in for you. They can continue helping out after you are feeling better if you want them to, as well.


Focusing on Getting Better

Even though you may find it difficult to do so, if you are sick, it is important that you are focusing on getting better instead of trying to take care of your elderly loved one. If you try to care for them while you are sick, this could get them sick and make you feel even worse, too. It is vital that someone who isn’t ill is caring for your elderly loved one, at least until you feel better.


Steer Clear for a Significant Amount of Time

Many people think that just because they are feeling better, they no longer need to pay attention to who they are around,. This isn’t true. In fact, if you are feeling better and you are thinking about taking care of your elderly loved one, you should still wait about a week or so until you go to visit or care for them. That way, you can be sure you aren’t still contagious or that your symptoms don’t come back.


Getting Respite Care

Another option you have for when you are feeling ill is to get respite care. This is a type of home care service that assists you in caring for your elderly loved one. It is temporary care for when you need a break and what better time to take a break than when you are feeling sick. That way, you can get the rest you need while making sure that you aren’t getting your elderly loved one sick, too.


Make Plans As Soon as Possible

If you are sick and you need someone to take care of your aging parent until you get feeling better, it would be good if you made plans as soon as possible. There are so many home care resources that can help out when you are feeling ill or just when you need a break. However, the sooner you get these services set up, the less likely there will be to have any issues in lack of care for your elderly loved one.


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