Homecare: Why Do Strokes Affect People Differently?

Homecare in North Aurora IL: Strokes

Homecare: Strokes occur when blood flow in the brain is interrupted or blocked in some way.

There are a variety of different types of strokes, and they can happen in various places in your senior’s brain. If your senior has a stroke, her experience and her recovery are going to be highly individual situations that may not be exactly like what anyone else experiences. It helps to understand why strokes affect everyone differently. Homecare providers can help with your seniors should they need recovery care or preventative care.

Strokes Can Be Minor or Severe

Strokes typically affect only one part of the brain, but how big or large the stroke is, affects what sorts of damage her brain receives. If the stroke involves only a small clot that impedes blood flow for a very short period of time, your senior may only experience mild effects from the stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke on the other hand can cause dramatic repercussions.

They Also Occur in Different Parts of the Brain

Where the stroke happens matters a great deal, too. If a stroke occurs on the right side of your senior’s brain, she’s more likely to have trouble with spatial relations or with paralysis or weakness on the left side of her body. A stroke on the left side of your senior’s brain is likely to cause slurred speech and another difficulty with communication. It may also cause paralysis or weakness on the right side of her body.

Overall Health Has Some Impact

If your elderly family member is already experiencing health issues, they could contribute to a stroke. That’s especially true of health issues involving your senior’s circulatory health. Being run down from poor health can also make recovering from a stroke more difficult than your senior expects.

Recovering from a Stroke Can Take Time

Depending on the type of stroke and the severity, it can take some time for your elderly family member to recover. Having help from home care assistance can make this recovery time a lot less frustrating and challenging for your senior. There are a lot of ways that senior care providers can assist your elderly family member as she heals, from helping her to get to follow-up appointments to helping with activities of daily living.

Understanding the type of stroke your senior had is important for helping her to recover as well as possible. Talk with your senior’s doctor and rely on help from homecare assistance to make this time of healing easier for everyone involved.


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