Elder Care: Food Swaps to Help Senior Citizens Improve Their Health

Elder Care: Senior Health

Elder Care: Is your elderly loved one eating unhealthy foods?

Have you been trying to get them to eat healthier? Maybe, you have suggested they go on a diet, but that hasn’t stuck with your elderly loved one? If this is the case, you may just want to try having your elderly loved one make some food swaps. That way, they don’t feel like they are going on a diet, but they are making some healthier food choices. Elder care can be a big help with this.

Eating More Nuts

Does your elderly loved one eat a lot of chips as a snack? Most chips have a lot of salt in them. The salt can lead to plaque buildup and increased blood sugar. Instead of eating chips, you and elder care providers can encourage your elderly loved one to replace them with nuts. This does not mean your elderly loved one can never eat chips again. However, if they are currently eating chips every day, having them replace even 3 or 4 days with nuts can make a huge difference to their salt intake.

Drinking More Tea

Does your elderly loved-one drink a lot of soda or coffee? If so, they are likely taking in a lot of calories and artificial sweeteners. It would be best if you and home care providers could encourage your elderly loved one to replace at least some of their caffeinated beverages with tea.

Many people drink coffee and soda because of caffeine. They get more energy from drinking caffeine. The good news is that research shows tea boosts energy, as well. If your elderly loved one starts drinking tea and realizes its benefits, they may start replacing coffee and soda more often. They may even ask you or their elder care providers to make tea for them every morning.

Eating Ground Turkey

Does your elderly loved one like to eat ground beef? There is a lot of saturated fat in ground beef which isn’t good for your elderly loved one’s heart. It would be best if they could replace the ground beef with ground turkey. Research shows that ground turkey is high in protein just like beef. However, the turkey is not high in saturated fats.


Elder Care: Conclusion

Are you trying to get your elderly loved one to eat healthier? If so, hopefully, you can get them to make these food swaps. The more food swaps they make, the more they can improve their health and reduce their risk of certain health issues such as heart disease. If needed, you can get elder care providers to help your elderly loved one to make some of these food swaps, too.


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