In all we do, we strive to provide professional skilled care and techniques from the home. We feel honored to be a guest in our clients’ homes and are dedicated to high-quality, relationship-based care. We feel it’s imperative to always convey patience, compassion, a positive attitude, and strong communication skills with all of our valued clients.

Our Caregiver Specialists Are:

  • Professionally trained and certified
  • Fully screened, insured, and bonded
  • Criminal background verified
  • Passed company evaluation for attitude, competency and trustworthiness
  • Passionate to serve beyond the ordinary
  • Compassionate and team players

Our Skilled Nursing main focus:

  • Assessing the patients condition
  • Monitoring vital signs, body functions and health status
  • Updating your primary care physician about any changes in care and/or health status
  • Customizing and implementing a unique care plan
  • Administering medication and complex treatments
  • Teaching patient and/or caregivers basic tasks
  • Performing treatments per physicians orders
  • Wound care
  • Ostomy care
  • Fall prevention

Nurse (LPN/CNA)
AMG medical staffing provides solutions to cover and fill in gaps where care is needed by combining professionalism and compassionate care.

As the need for medical staff increases, AMG acknowledges the difficulty in finding experienced professionals of the highest quality quickly.

We recruit and place only the most qualified medical staff. Why does this matter? It saves you the time and money associated with nurse recruitment, interviewing, reference checks, training, and hiring.

Pre-Screened Nurses/LPN/CNA
Current BLS/CPR Health Check
Skillset Evaluation Drug and Background Screenings
Supervisory References PPD
Current Illinois Nursing License Clinical Eligibility Review

We are glad to fill those needed and hard-to-fill positions with top quality, affordable medical professionals to meet your needs in any situation.

  • Sick Leave
  • Vacations
  • Maternity leave
  • Staffing Shortages
  • Hard-to-fill gaps
  • Per Diem Staffing

Benefits for utilizing AMG
(No cost to you)

  • No Payroll tax
  • No workman’s compensation insurance
  • No benefits
  • No liability insurance
  • Lower recruiting costs

Besides providing medical professionals when in need, AMG could cut cost during the time with low census. You can go with less staff, cutting pay to full-time staff when the need of care is not there.