How Seniors Can Find a New Sense of Purpose

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For seniors aging in place, having a sense of purpose is very important. Seniors who are retired and are grappling with a loss of identity now that they aren’t working can develop health problems related to the psychological stress that they’re experiencing. Stress and anxiety can cause physical symptoms like racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, and fatigue. If your senior parent is struggling to figure out what their next chapter should look like, some of the things that they can do to find a new sense of purpose are:


Volunteering is one of the best ways for seniors to rediscover a sense of purpose. When seniors volunteer, they get to have many of the benefits of working. They will have a place to go, people who depend on them, and feel they are doing valuable and meaningful work.

After many years in the workforce, your senior parent probably has a lot of business insights to share through volunteering. But there are also lots of community-oriented groups that value the contributions of seniors. If your senior loved one has home care, a home care provider could help your senior parent find some local organizations that they might be interested in volunteering with.

Become An Apprentice

Another excellent way for seniors to find a sense of purpose is for your senior parent to become an apprentice or intern in something they have always been interested in but never had the opportunity to learn. Maybe your senior parent wants to learn woodworking or landscaping. Or maybe they have always wanted to learn about publishing or running a coffee shop. Many businesses offer formal apprenticeships or internships that seniors can apply for.

Try New Hobbies

It’s normal for seniors not to know where to start when finding out what they like to do. If your senior parent has worked in one industry all their adult life and never really had much time for hobbies, now is the perfect time for them to try a bunch of hobbies. By trying out, many different activities and hobbies, seniors can find out which ones they like. Then they can pursue part-time work or a volunteer position in something related to that field.

For example, if your senior parent discovers them like making pottery, they may decide to start making pottery to sell as a hobby and a purpose.


If your senior loved one is physically able to travel, that can be an excellent option for helping them find a sense of purpose. Many seniors find that their perspective changes when they travel. That can make it easier for them to find a purpose because they will see the opportunities in front of them differently when they have a different perspective. If your senior loved one cannot go on overnight or extended trips because of their health, day trips could serve the same purpose without the overnight stays.

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