Social Isolation and Loneliness – What is the Connection?

Elderly Care in Lombard, Elmhurst IL: Loneliness

Everyone needs to connect with others. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit and even before that, many senior citizens were feeling lonely. They weren’t getting as many visitors as they normally would and they didn’t get out of their house as often, either. There is a connection between social isolation (like what has happened with the pandemic) and loneliness. Check in to elderly care for your senior.

Isolation and Loneliness Lead to Health Problems

Studies have been done that show people who are isolating themselves from others and who are feeling lonely have more health issues than those who socialize often. Some of the health issues that your elderly loved one might face include:

  • -Cognitive decline
  • -Depression
  • -Heart disease
  • -Anxiety
  • -Stomach cramps
  • -Longer hospital stays
  • -Being admitted to the hospital more often
  • -Less longevity
  • -Increased risk of dementia

As you can tell, there are loads of health issues that can arise as a result of social isolation and loneliness. If your elderly loved one is still isolating themselves, you may want to talk them into at least letting companion care at home providers come to their home to visit.


Prevention of Loneliness and Isolation

If you have found your elderly loved one to be lonely or they are isolating themselves, there are some things that can be done to reverse these issues. These same tips can be used to prevent loneliness and isolation, too. Some of the tips that you and home care providers should share with your elderly loved one include:

  • -Visiting with someone at least once a week
  • -Playing online games with family members or friends
  • -Having a phone call with 2 to 3 people at a time
  • -Visiting with friends on the weekends
  • -Having family caregivers come over for lunch
  • -Getting companion care at home services

Unfortunately, there are far too many elderly people who are isolated from their loved ones and friends and so many of them are feeling lonely, as well. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, be sure they are following through with these tips here today. They don’t necessarily have to be socializing all the time or even every day. However, if your elderly loved one can make an attempt to spend at least one day or a few hours with their senior care providers, family caregivers, and friends each week, that can greatly reduce the chances of them being isolated or feeling lonely.



Loneliness and isolation have only gotten worse since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This is especially true in the elderly population. There are far too many senior citizens who aren’t spending much time at all with their family members or friends. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, now would be a good time to help them get back into the swing of their friendships and other relationships. Don’t forget, if your elderly loved one really needs people to hang out with, you can always get them companion care at home services, too.


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