4 Tips for Supporting Someone You Love with a Serious Health Issue

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It’s never a good feeling to hear that your senior is suddenly dealing with a chronic health problem. There might not be much that you can do to cure her of whatever she’s been diagnosed with, but there are definitely some ways that you and your senior care services provider can offer her the support that she needs to get through every day as she faces her battle.


Learn as Much as Possible about the Condition

Even when you think you know quite a bit about your senior’s new health issue, there may be a lot that you’re not familiar with or that you don’t fully understand. Now is the perfect time to explore and to learn as much as you both can. The more that you know about what she’s battling, the more comprehensive a care plan you and she can put together. Talk with your senior’s doctors and do lots of reading and learning.


Do What You Can to Adapt to Changes as Your Senior Experiences Them

Part of dealing with serious chronic health issues is recognizing that there are going to be lots of changes over time. When you’re educated about what’s going on, it is a lot easier for you and you’re senior to adapt as necessary. Putting assistance in place, like senior care at home, enables you and your elderly family member to meet those changes head-on.


Ask for Help Sooner Rather than Later

There’s often a belief that it can be too early for you and you’re senior to want or to need extra help. That could not be further from the truth, however. When you are willing to ask for help from elder care providers sooner rather than later, that gives you and your senior the opportunity to lean on that assistance on a daily basis. You’re also able to learn how to conserve some of your own energy and time so that you can continue to have your own life.


Remember to Take Care of Your Health, Too

Conserving your own energy and time is an aspect of caregiving that gets overlooked a lot by caregivers. If you’re not taking care of your own health as well as you should be, that means that you’re more susceptible to illness and to health problems. Very often family caregivers are the only person available for the senior they’re offering care to. That means if you get run down or burnt out, that can leave your senior in a precarious situation. Senior care at home ensures that your senior has someone else who can help and that you can prioritize your own care as well. That is a win/win situation.

There is so much to balance and to think about when your elderly family member is dealing with a chronic health issue. Having a plan for making all of that as easy on you and on your senior as you possibly can is just a smart idea. Take advantage of all of the help that you can to put your plan in motion.


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