Music Therapy Is Something Your Senior May Want to Consider

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Home health care may help seniors in several ways. This treatment may encompass various techniques to improve health, including innovative options like music therapy. According to some experts, music may have a significant influence on a senior’s general health and mood. Consider music therapy if you’re seeking innovative methods to make your senior loved one’s life more enjoyable and healthy.

Music Help Heighten Mental Stimulation
Scientists discovered seniors who listened to music or underwent music therapy had mental sharpness and high scores on brain function tests. Because listening to various music is considered brain activity, your loved one may expect to benefit from a more alert mind and improved memory. Music therapy may be particularly effective when giving home health care to elders with dementia, as listening to familiar music may help a senior recollect and concentrate on memory.

Music Can Help a Senior Feel Happier
When your loved one listens to music, he or she may experience various emotions. If your loved one listens to uplifting music, it may have a favorable effect on him or her, causing the brain to produce dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that makes a person feel good. Listening to music may provide your loved one the same satisfaction as an intimate connection or eating chocolate.

Music Can Help During a Battle with Cancer
Though music therapy cannot cure, treat, or prevent illnesses, it may make a senior with a significant health condition feel better. Seniors with cancer who work with a music therapist or just listen to music have lower blood pressure readings, less anxiety, and are happier.

It May Help a Senior Sleep Better
Anxiety and worry may disrupt a senior’s sleep routine, but music might help alleviate these issues. When your loved one listens to music before going to bed, it may improve his or her sleep patterns and provide a more peaceful sleep. Music has also been useful in treating minor insomnia in seniors.

It May Calm an Agitated Senior Down
To help people relax, music therapists will use songs with themes, lyrics, instruments, and unique rhythms. This reduces the heart rate and amount of stress hormones in the body. Your senior may focus and calm enough to relax with the help of music.

Music Therapy May Help With Stress
Music is a wonderful healer. It can penetrate deep inside us and affect our most primal feelings. Music that is energetic and uplifting may rapidly lift us out of melancholy, fear, and hopelessness. Listening to music that is special might relieve tension. When a person has their mind occupied and enjoys an activity, depression can be put on the back burner.

May Help Your Senior Express What They Need
Memory care clients benefit from music therapy, especially when they’re no longer verbal. This gives them a form to express happiness, sadness, and anger without using any words at all. It is so crucial to give seniors a way to express themselves, because it will help them thrive throughout their golden years.

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