Moving More Will Help Seniors Warm Up This Winter

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When the weather becomes colder, seniors can have trouble staying warm, even if the thermostat is set high. That’s because many seniors have poor circulation. Poor circulation can make seniors feel cold. It can also cause swelling in the legs, blue lips and fingernails, and pain or weakness and tingling in the hands and feet.

An easy way for seniors to boost their circulation is to get moving. Any movement helps and is better than not moving.  Going for walks and moving around the house will help improve circulation and help seniors feel warmer. When the weather is cold, seniors may not want to go outside and walk, but there are things they can do inside to move more, like:

Play Games

There are lots of games that include physical challenges that will get seniors up and moving. There are also dance games and acting games like charades, where seniors need to move to act out clues. Undoubtedly, seniors will definitely get moving if they are doing some karaoke at home. Seniors with home care will always have someone around to play games with them. Obviously, physical games are the perfect way to keep seniors moving while having fun.

Stream Workouts

There are hundreds of workouts available to stream on demand online and on the TV. Seniors can easily find a streaming workout that is something they enjoy and appropriate for their level of physical fitness. Walking, cycling, strength training, dance, and other workouts will give seniors the motivation to get moving, and they can do it right from their own homes without having to brave the elements. Workout DVDs are also a good option, but many seniors find streaming workouts more convenient.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic workout for seniors. The gentle stretching is easy for most seniors, especially if they use props like blocks and straps to help them do the poses. The poses increase blood flow and help maintain flexibility and endurance. Many seniors are staying healthy as they get older by doing yoga everyday. There are online streaming classes and DVDs of yoga routines that are appropriate for seniors. Or seniors can join a yoga class at a gym or check out their local senior center. Most senior centers offer yoga classes created for seniors.

Walk In Place 

Seniors who aren’t very active may be intimidated by the sound of a “workout”. But seniors don’t need to do a full workout to get the benefit of movement. Just walking in place during the commercials in their favorite TV shows is a great way for seniors to start moving more. A home care provider can challenge your senior loved one to see who can get more steps in during the commercials. By making exercise fun, your senior parent will want to exercise more. And that will help them stay warm and toasty when the weather gets cold, which it will be doing soon.

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