How Elder Care Helps Seniors Who Have Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis: Elder Care Barrington IL

You may have heard of MS or Multiple Sclerosis but not know exactly what it does or how it will impact your loved one. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disease impacting the central nervous system. Symptoms will vary among individuals, and no case will be exactly the same. However, if your loved one has been diagnosed with MS, they should be going to their doctor for regular checkups to manage the condition effectively. You should be aware of some things when your senior mom or dad is diagnosed with MS.

Seniors May Suffer From Visual Disturbances

You may not know this, but seniors who have MS can suffer from visual problems or disturbances. Why? MS can sometimes impact the optic nerve system, leading to full or partial blindness. If your loved one is having vision issues, encourage them to keep the layout of their home the same so they can get around. This is also an excellent time to go through their home and pick up anything that could make them fall. If they need help maintaining their homes, you should consider hiring elder care to help your seniors manage their homes and also MS.

They May Suffer From Cognitive Impairment

Most seniors wish to prolong brain health. Unfortunately, MS can cause cognitive impairment in seniors. It can cause damage to white matter in the brain, which can cause disturbances in the brain’s communication network. When your loved one has a hard time focusing, thinking, and doing tasks, it can lead them to struggle while living at home. Elder care can help a senior keep focused or help them do small chores that make living at home easier as a senior with MS.

MS Can Impact Their Emotional Well-Being

For someone who has not had to deal with MS, it can significantly impact emotions. If your senior has grown up with this disease, they may be less likely to suffer emotionally. However, if this is a relatively new diagnosis, they may feel overwhelmed by what they cannot do or physical pain with their new condition. This can be something scary to overcome, but with the right help, this is a manageable condition. You should focus on how your loved one feels and ensure you can find ways to keep them happy even as they age with MS.

It Can Impact Them Physically

Sometimes with MS, the nerves in the arms and legs are impacted, which can be physically exhausting for a senior to deal with. Sometimes they will feel tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. If this happens, walking and moving around can become a challenge, impacting how independent they are. When they start to lack mobility, they may feel like a burden which can be disastrous for mental health. When their limbs don’t feel normal, they may struggle to do everyday things like writing, walking, opening bottles, opening mail, or even picking up objects can feel like a huge challenge. Elder care can help a senior with everyday chores like keeping up with the house.

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