How Elder Care Helps Alleviate Family Caregiver Stress

Elder Care Wheaton IL

If you have a senior parent that wants to remain in their home but needs more support than you can give you’re not alone. Members of the “Sandwich Generation” are finding themselves stuck between elderly parents that need care and young children that also need care. And, often people still have to work when they’re not caring for children or senior parents.

It can be frustrating and confusing to be in a position where you can’t provide the full time care that your senior parent needs to continue living independently. But there are resources available that can make it easier for you and provide all the extra support that your senior parent needs.

Elder care is available to take over the day to day support that your senior parent needs. When your senior parent has elder care they will get regular visits from a care provider that can help them with household tasks, running errands, getting to medical appointments, cooking, shopping, and other activities. When you can’t provide the care that your senior parent needs an elder care provider can.

Use Smart Home Technology

Even if you can’t visit your senior parent every day you can check on them frequently using smart home technology. With home security cameras you can see and talk to your senior parent at any time through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Using cameras is a fantastic way to make sure that your senior parent hasn’t fallen or experienced a situation where they need help but can’t reach the phone. You can also manage smart appliances with an app to make sure your senior parent hasn’t left the stove on or forgotten to turn off the coffee pot or the sink.

Check In Daily

A short daily phone call is a wonderful way to make sure that your senior parent is doing ok and connect with them when you can’t be there. Make a date to call them at the same time each day. Even if it’s just a five minute call to check in it will make your senior parent feel more secure knowing that you are going to be calling to check on them. And it will make you feel better to talk to your senior parent and know they’re okay.

Set Up A Visit Schedule

Visits should be scheduled so that you don’t have to worry about other things popping up that prevent you from visiting. Mark off the times during the week that you want to see your senior parent in your calendar at the beginning of the week before your schedule fills up. That way you won’t have to worry about accidentally making an appointment or a meeting that would interfere with your visit.

Make Time For The Important Things

Some things you will just have to make time for. If your family had a tradition of having Sunday breakfast together, or pizza on Friday nights, or movie nights on Wednesday keep those traditions going. They mean a lot to your senior parent. Make time for them.

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