Home Care Tips To Improve Seniors Indoor Environment

You may go over to your senior mom or dad’s house once a week since they chose to age in place and may not be happy with the state of things. The truth is as your loved one gets older, it can be harder to maintain the household. This is when hiring home care to help out your mom or dad can be beneficial. They are professionals who may help your senior mom or dad care for them home and themselves. Home care is not something to put off because it can help your mom or dad age in place for a lot longer, and they may be able to help change the indoor environment to keep your loved one safer. Here are some tips on changing their indoor environment to keep them safer while aging at home.

Manage Allergies

One of the best things you can do for your loved one is manage the allergens that come through the house. This means wiping up dust or dander that has been collected inside of their home. This may seem like a super easy step when talking about improving their indoor environment, but it can be challenging for a senior individual. They may not see the dust collect, and they may not know that the dander is triggering their allergies. This is something that home care is more than likely to help with every week, but if you think your loved one’s home needs a deep clean, you may want to think about hiring a professional cleaning to stop by once a month to help keep the allergens down. Once you get in a deep cleaner, home care can help manage the house in-between visits. This can even be something that a family member may want to help with!

Clean Up Cords

Cords of any kind can be so dangerous for a senior. Often, people just leave cords lying around. But this can be bad for a seniors home because they may not see the wires hanging about, and they can easily trip over them. This is one of the first things that should be picked up. If you are unsure how to move them around, tape them down or move them to a side where your loved one does not usually walk. Once a month, try going through the house to remove tripping hazards to make the inside safer for your senior mom or dad.

Watch for Spills

Any place that gets wet super easily could be dangerous for your loved one. So, how can you make these areas safer? Easy! Add in non-slip mats to help ensure your senior loved one can get around places like the bathrooms and the kitchen. This will ensure your seniors will not fall as easily and can help protect them when moving around. The best thing is that this is a relatively budget-friendly option to make the inside of their homes safer.

Check Trash

If your loved one has no trash service but does not drive, it could be piling up somewhere. Always make sure someone is coming to get your mom or dad’s trash so it doesn’t pile up. Too much trash could attract bugs and diseases. This is not only dangerous for your loved one but also for other people who enter the home. Always find them the best services when it comes to trash removal.

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