Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder? 

Home Care Services in Bloomingdale IL: Seasonal Affective Disorder

 Has your elderly loved one been depressed since it got colder out?

Do you notice that your elderly loved one gets depressed every time winter rolls around? This happens to millions of people around the globe. Usually, if the depression goes away when it gets warmer out, it is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, you or one of the caregivers can bring your loved one to the doctor to get a diagnosis. If your elderly loved one does have Seasonal Affective Disorder, there are ways you can help them overcome it.  

Make Their Home Brighter  

One of the many ways that you can help your elderly loved one overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder is by making their home brighter. You or one of their caregivers can open up their blinds and curtains every day. If nobody is there to do this, you can call and remind your elderly loved one to do this. You should also have larger trees cut down – especially if they block sunlight from coming into your loved one’s home. 

Going Outdoors 

You could also get your elderly loved one to go outdoors every day. Even taking a short walk daily can help your senior to feel less depressed. Research shows that being outdoors can help people to experience more happiness. Even if your elderly loved one only feels better for a short time after going outdoors, this is still some progress. If it is too cold for your senior to be outdoors, you can encourage them to sit in front of their window for a bit. 

More Exercise  

How much does your elderly-loved-one exercise? If they aren’t exercising much, this can cause their depression to be much worse. However, if you or their caregivers can convince them to get more exercise it can help a great deal. If your senior exercises, even for 20 minutes a day, it can help them to be in a better mood. There are different exercises that are more beneficial than others when it comes to overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yoga, tai chi, and dancing are all great options.


These are some of the ways you can help your elderly loved one overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder. When it comes to making sure your elderly loved one feels better, be sure they are following these tips. By doing these things, your elderly loved one can at least have some better days. Then, hopefully, when warmer weather comes, your senior will feel much better.  


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