Five Tips for Your Senior in Fall Allergy Season

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Fall is a lovely time to get outside and enjoy fresh air and cooler weather after the hottest parts of the year. But for many people, fall is when their allergies kick in the most. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, there are some things you can do to help her avoid feeling too terrible. Also, if this is the first time your elderly family member is experiencing fall allergies, she’s definitely going to want to try some of these ideas.

Get to Know What Her Allergy Triggers Are

It’s important to know what your senior is allergic to, so that you can help her manage those reactions. In fall, many people are dealing with pollens and triggers that are either dormant the rest of the year or more avoidable. Weather changes and other issues can make allergens more of an issue for your senior during this time of year. Talk with your senior’s doctor about what she’s allergic to. If necessary, her doctor can perform an allergy test to get detailed information.

Do What You Can to Avoid Allergens

Some of the most common fall allergens are dust mites, ragweed, and tree pollens. If it’s possible for your elderly family member to avoid those allergens, then that’s the best way for her to keep from feeling miserable. It might not be possible to avoid all the allergens that affect her, however, especially if she’s spending time outside.

Keep Windows Closed

One of the things you can do that can help is keep windows closed. This time of year, like spring, is one when most people enjoy having windows open. But if your elderly family member is exposed to allergens from outside through open windows, it’s much better to keep them closed.

Get Some Help Keeping the House Clean

Many people are allergic to dust mites and don’t realize it. Having help from senior home care providers can keep your senior’s home cleaner, reducing her exposure to dust mites. A cleaner home benefits your elderly family member in many other ways, too, and home care providers can keep up with removing safety hazards while they’re there.

Keep Your Senior as Healthy as Possible

Overall, it’s important to keep your senior as healthy as possible. When she’s feeling run down or ill, her immune system is less able to fight off allergens. That can leave her feeling terrible all the way around. Senior home care providers can help remind your elderly family member to do the things she needs to do, to remain as healthy as possible, so that allergens are less of an issue for her body.

Whether your elderly family member has allergy issues year-round or only during certain seasons, it’s important to know how you can help her feel better. Sometimes allergy medications can help, but remember to talk to her doctor about medication interactions before using any over-the-counter medications for allergies.

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