Elder Care: November 6th is Book Lover’s Day Encouraging Seniors to Read

Elder Care in St. Charles IL: Book Lover’s Day

Elder care assistance should always encourage seniors to read.

This is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and there are many benefits of reading for seniors. On November 6th, it is titled Book Lovers Day for all of the avid readers out there. This is the best day to spread a love of reading and do fun reading-related activities. If your parent or loved one has slowly stopped reading, there are other options for you or an elder care provider to choose from.

Finding fun holidays that are unknown or uncommon can be a fun way for elder care assistance to keep a senior entertained.

It is a way to teach them something new and enjoy each other’s company. Even if you cannot make it to your parents on November 6th, you can mention book lovers day to the elder care. They may be able to pick some unique activities to celebrate the day.

There are some unique ways to celebrate this day, and not all of them include reading. You can celebrate book lover’s day without reading and spend the day enjoying the company of your seniors. Libraries in the area may be hosting a fun event that an elder care provider can take them to for the day.

How to Celebrate Book Lover’s Day

Not all seniors can read well the older they get. However, there are other ways to enjoy this day without having to read. If they prefer reading there are some books that come in large print. This can be much more enjoyable for those book lovers who have a hard time seeing.

Read Out Loud

If your parents don’t enjoy reading because of their eyesight, they still might want to enjoy a good book. You or the elder care assistant can read a book out loud for them. This might be a fun activity to do weekly where everyone can enjoy the books. You can later talk about what you read and truly connect in a unique way. Reading out loud will help them feel closer to you and allow you to spend time with them on Book Lover’s Day and longer.

Set Up Audio Books

Even if you can’t read, there are other ways to get books to play out loud for the senior. If you can’t make it to your parents on Book Lover’s Day you can still ask for the elder care providers to set them up with audiobooks. They can use your account and some of the books may not cost any money at all while others are only a few dollars.

Elder Care: Buy a Kindle

Books may not come in large print which can be hard for seniors and may make them lose the joy they once had for reading. Buying a Kindle is a small investment but a good one. This device can change the books settings to large print or extra-large print which a senior may enjoy. The Kindle can also play audio which is perfect for audiobooks.


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