Fall’s Arrival Is a Good Time to Talk About Fall Prevention

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It’s fall, and that’s a good time to start talking about fall prevention with your family. As the leaves fall or temperatures drop, your dad is more likely to slip and fall on wet leaves or icy sidewalks. Several things within his home also increase his fall risk. Here’s what you should discuss.

Has He Ever Fallen? Why?

Start by asking your dad if he’s ever fallen. If he admits he has, ask why. Find out what led to the fall. You need to address the reasons. If he slipped on wet flooring and his flooring is old, maybe you could upgrade to waterproof textured vinyl flooring that is anti-slip.

He says he fell walking down the basement stairs due to dim lighting. You may not be able to run wire to add a stairway light, but you could invest in motion-detecting wireless lighting that uses batteries.

His fall happened on the outside front stairs, where there is no handrail. Have one installed on the stairs. It doesn’t have to be an expensive project. You could purchase a handrail kit or some pressure-treated wood and install the handrail yourself.

What Medications Does He Take?

Does your dad take any daily medications? If so, read the labels to see what the common side effects are. If dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, or lethargy are listed, your dad will have a higher fall risk.

When he takes his daily pills, do the side effects last hours or dissipate within an hour? While they are present, he should have someone nearby to help steady him while he stands up, steps in and out of the shower, or walks around.

How Is His Health? How About Balance and Stamina?

How is your dad’s health? Chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer can cause dizziness, weakness, and even nausea, which all increase his fall risk.

If he doesn’t engage in a lot of physical activity, he might find his strength and stamina aren’t ideal. His lack of muscle tone and stamina can increase his fall risk. Sign him up for Tai Chi or Yoga classes to help him gain muscle and joint strength.

Is His Home Always Cluttered?

Does your dad keep his home clean and organized, or does it get cluttered? If his home gets cluttered and disorganized, it can increase his fall risk, especially if he leaves shoes lying around, pet toys out in the open, or piles of magazines or newspapers stacked on the floor.

Hire Caregivers to Help Out

Caregivers can be a great solution to stopping falls before they happen. A specialist can stop by and assess his fall risk. You’ll get recommendations into the services that can help prevent a fall.

Elder care services are a convenient way to support your dad when he needs help. If he’s fallen or comes close to a serious fall, it’s time to talk about the benefits of home care services. Hire elder care aides to assist him with his care needs and ensure his fall risk is as low as possible.

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