Senior Health: Four Benefits to Helping Your Senior to Get Outdoors More Often

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Senior Health: June is Great Outdoors Month, which is a perfect opportunity for you and your elderly family member to find ways to safely and enjoyably explore the great outdoors together.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go far out into the woods. You can also spend time outside enjoying parks that are close to your senior’s home. The key to celebrating this special month is to simply spend time outside.

She Gets More Vitamin D

Being outside in the sun, even for just 15 minutes, can help your senior’s body to manufacture vitamin D. Vitamin D is also available through other sources, but it’s best to get it from minimal exposure to the sun, if that’s possible. Proper levels of vitamin D can help your elderly family member to keep her immune system and her bones healthy. It’s best to avoid the hottest parts of the day to avoid skin damage and keep up with senior health.

She Can Be More Active

When your elderly family member spends time in the great outdoors, she’s more likely to be active. That’s true even if she needs mobility devices in order to be more active. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about how much physical activity is okay for her. If she needs additional help with mobility, elder care providers can help you and your senior to learn how to ensure that she’s able to get around more easily.

Being Outside Supports Mental Health

Getting outside more often can help your elderly family member to improve anxiety levels and even helps with other mental health issues, like depression. Being in nature boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, which also help with mental health. Plus, your senior is doing things that she enjoys, which is always a mood booster.

Senior Health: She Might Sleep Better

It’s entirely possible that your aging family member may sleep better if she gets outside more often. Natural light helps to keep your senior’s circadian rhythms, the way that her body knows daylight is for being awake, working properly. As she’s more physically active, that also helps her to burn off excess energy and be more ready for sleep when she’s finally getting ready for bed.

Talk to your elderly family member about how often she wants to explore the great outdoors and to plan trips that you’ll both enjoy. There are lots of ways that you can both enjoy spending time outside and helping to work on senior health.


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