Elderly Care in North Aurora IL: Senior Communication

How Can You Get Your Senior to Listen to You?

  If you’ve found that your senior and you just can’t get onto the same page about anything, you’re not alone. This can be really common and there are ways around it. Figure out Why She Doesn’t Like What You Have to Say There’s...

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Senior Care in Glen Ellyn IL: Age-Related Memory Loss

Studies Shed Light on Age-Related Memory Loss

  A study published in Psychological Science showed that learning new skills appeared to noticeably improve memory function in an aging brain. Similar to the way muscles get stronger with physical exercise that pushes them beyond where they...

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Elder Care in Elgin IL: Tips for Traveling

Tips for Traveling with Your Elderly Parent

Over the past few years, traveling has changed a bit. People often face long lines at security points. They are required to take off their shoes and even belts. This can be difficult for an elderly person. Sometimes a person has to wait for hours...

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Senior Care in Schaumburg IL: Can Meditation Help

Can Meditation Help Your Elderly Loved One?

Have you ever tried meditation? If so, then you are probably aware of how well it can clear your mind. You may already know how well it can relieve your stress and help you to feel better. Meditation can help your elderly loved one, as well. When...

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Home Care Services in Bloomingdale IL: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder? 

 Has your elderly loved one been depressed since it got colder out? Do you notice that your elderly loved one gets depressed every time winter rolls around? This happens to millions of people around the globe. Usually, if the depression goes away...

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